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Castell Peralada wedding venue by it.sobi_


Destination Weddings

& Events


Anne Cécile Billard founded E&P to create unforgettable events,

held in historical venues across Europe. 

"With over 10 years of events experience, organising exceptional weddings and events in luxury hotels across Europe,

I wanted to combine my expertise with my passion,

history and sumptuous sites of heritage.

Using historical venues, and showcasing their rich cultural heritage,

felt obvious to me: both supporting

historic preservation and allowing guests to

(re)discover fabulous places."

Anne Cécile

E&P is available to support at any stage of  your luxury destination wedding preparation.

We can plan the entire event from start to finish, or

intervene on specific elements: finding you a fabulous historical venue, or being there to coordinate on the day.

If you are looking for a bespoke quote, please get in touch

to discuss your vision and needs.

wedding dinner Salon-des-aigles by Reto Guntli
Orangery Wedding venue France

E&P C onsulting

For domain owners who wish to promote events, our agency can assist you to develop your full potential.

You are already hosting weddings but your spaces remain 

empty during the week?

We will be delighted to work with you to increase your visibility for event planners and help you receive new reservations.

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