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Wedding coaching


We know that not all couples want a wedding planner.

Some prefer to organise their own event, but want a little extra help from

an experienced professional.

We have designed three bespoke wedding coaching packages for this

purpose, for couples who need advice, have specific questions

and want reassurance that they are on the right path.

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1 x bespoke coaching

In this 1.5 hour consultation, a wedding professional will answer all of your questions, comfort you in your choices and offer expert advice on different aspects of your vision.

This is an opportunity to gather your thoughts and review the planning of your big day, accompanied by an expert. 

This consultation can be a phone call, video call or in-person meting, depending on your location, and costs 120€.

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3 x bespoke coachings

This package allows you to check in with a professional every couple of months, to ensure you are firmly on track. 

These three 1.5-hour coaching sessions will empower you, giving you the confidence to feel fully prepared by your wedding day. 

We will cover the topics that are most pertinant for you, answering all of your questions, and offering advice on your ideas.

These consultations can be phone calls, video calls or in-person meetings, depending on your location. 3 x 1.5-hour meetings cost 345€.

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Monthly coaching consultation

This package includes monthly consultations in the lead up to your wedding, that will ensure every step of your planning is under control. 

With a 1.5-hour meeting each month, you will experience a stress-free wedding planning experience. You won't feel alone on this journey. 

We will take the time to answer all of your questions and give you expert advice for the next steps in your planning.

This package is designed to begin 5 months before the wedding day, at 550€, with every additional month costing 105€.

What to expect

The topics we would love to cover with you:

- Budget

- Venue

- The ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner and after party

- Your suppliers and their contracts

- The set-up for each part of the wedding

- Timings for the day

- Ceremony, reception and table decor

- Guest list

- Seating plan

- Entertainment 

- Transportation

- Accommodation

These meetings are designed to coach you through your planning journey, we do not give out venues or suppliers. If you need assistance in the actual planning of the event, we would be delighted to provide you with a quote for our bespoke wedding-planning packages.

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