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A professional AV equipment in a historic site

When talking about a heritage place, our imagination takes us to an old, dusty place, not really suitable for hosting our customers in the best conditions. If it is true that stone walls and large tapestries transport us a few centuries back, can we really organise a meeting with the best technology in these spaces from another time?

A large number of historical monuments and cultural sites have opened their spaces to privatisation, for professional or private events. The preservation of those sites is expensive and sometimes the sales of entrance tickets and souvenir shops are not enough to cover all the costs. Hosting seminars, end-of-year celebrations or birthday parties provides significant additional income for those venues. However, if customers want to be part of History for the duration of an event, they are not ready to leave aside one of the most important aspects, audio-visual.

Most of the historical monuments that can accommodate the public have more or less been through recent renovations. To attract customers, it was already necessary to bring the buildings up to standard and then be able to offer a minimum of audio-visual equipment so important for the event organisers. At the British Museum in London, the BP Lecture Theater auditorium was built in 2000 and has a capacity of 323 seats. The sound and projection equipment is adapted in order to be able to offer professional services for each event. Many places with extra spaces have been able to modernize and create dedicated event spaces by including basic technical equipment.

Salon des Aigles, Hôtel de Crillon

In some heritage sites, such as the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, the historic rooms were restored during the hotel's refurbishment but no transformations were carried out. It was unthinkable to pierce one of the walls or the ceiling to add a projector, a screen or speakers in one of those Grade II listed spaces. This is where audio-visual providers come in. Do you need a sound system, video recording or a virtual meeting? Today, technical professionals can install everything you need and manage the audio visual for the duration of your meeting. For nearly two years, these companies have gone above and beyond to provide professional service for virtual, hybrid or on-site events. The facilities and equipment have been redesigned to offer a high level of service, regardless of the location.

L'Orangerie, Château de Kergrist

Other owners of private estates preferred to add additional space in the gardens. Available for privatisation, these new constructions include basic audio visual equipment, which is already very efficient. That was the choice of the Château de Kergrist, in the Côtes d'Armor, France, where a 4822ft2 glass wall room has been installed in the park. Large enough to accommodate up to 350 guests, the Orangerie already has its own sound system and light spots to adapt the atmosphere of the room according to your wishes. Add to that a professional service provider if you need an additional projection and you're done. Your guests will be impressed by this reception venue overlooking the 15th century mansion, which has been enlarged over time. A guided tour of the castle and gardens will complete this experience.

We would be delighted to discuss with you your next professional event in a heritage or cultural site. Do not hesitate to contact us

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